About me

18 Apr

Hello readers,this is Nasheet Omar.

I did my boards in the year 2007 from ICSE board,then undergraduated from CBSE board in the year 2009 and currently pursuing my graduation from SMU.

I am a very good person at heart,actually my friends and relatives say that .I might not be a very social person but good enough to continue.I am always in search of tough things to do and I like high speed internet  too….lol.

I am interested a lot in computer.Right from my childhood i was up for computer,I cant believe how much I was into computer games at times,but as i grew  old it faded out.But I still want to be a successfull programmer.Lets pray it happens.

There are times in your life when you think If you could get a chance to go back in your life then you would make things all right and perfect.But you wont find it believing it hard that none of that would happen,true.Nothing happens because there’s someone above in the skies who has destinied your forehead for something and you better witness it or go more deeper into lostness.Lets say “Thats me and what’s wrong with it?”

Now lets come to Bitter truth but truth about life.Any rational and sound person should be scared of death and hereafter,but that happens very rare and honestly rare persons will succeed in hereafter.

Well thats enough!

To be continued…


Nasheet Omar